The Help by Kathryn Stockett



Pages: 451
Genre: Novel
First Published: 2009
*This is the author's first book*

Its Mississippi of the 1960's and the society in America is transforming. In the heart of Jackson, live 3 strong women, who must contribute to this change, in their own way. Through Skeeter, Aibileen, and Minny, Kathryn Stockett creates three wonderfully poised characters who tell you a moving story about unsaid things and uncrossed lines.

Nightflier Speaks:
Disclaimer : I have watched the movie and the characters portrayed by the actors have left an impression on me. I may see the characters through my movie eyes. Despite the fact that they are equally strong and wonderful in words. Also, these days I am quite fascinated by the transformation of a book into a movie. That is somehow influencing the books I pick.

If you have read 'To kill a mockingbird' and adore it, then you will immediately come to love this book. Its hard to resist that southern language and accent. Plus, when a book talks about fundamental rights and our ability to judge or not judge someone as human, it has to strike a chord with you.

The Help, as the title says, revolves around 'maids' who helped raise the kids in white families across Jackson, Mississippi. When entire America was buzzing with the color revolution, it was difficult for people in Jackson to not get affected. The story told through the eyes of Skeeter (the educated white woman), Aibilleen (the awesomely strong 'help') and Minny (the sassiest of them all 'help') evolves into something bigger, when it portrays various relationships through the helps' eyes. It also gives a very amusing perspective of how the 'helps' view the home/lady they are serving. 

The book has a lot of 'woman' characters, mean, kind, racist, confused, sweet, naive. But the men in Stockett's book act just like fillers. It can be justified by the fact that this is a pretty domestic premise the book is handling, but one cannot help and wonder about the what if's or unnecessary characters. That was my only problem with the book.

Otherwise it is a pretty delightful read. Narrated in the hearty southern American language (yes I know I am saying this again, only because I love it so much!) telling a tale which is pretty universal and timeless.

Rating: 4/5
Price: Rs. 553 (flipkart)


  1. I saw the movie and I loved it. The book sounds good.

  2. u say i'll like this if i liked "to kill a mockingbird"? i'll get this for sure then! thanks for d review! :)


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