A Bowlful of butterflies by Ritu Lalit

Synopsis : This is the heartwarming story of an inseperable threesome, Chandni, Amrit and Soma. The girls are an exciting bunch but have a rather uneventful life in the sleepy town of Majhi Nagar. They are completely focused on their impending Class XII boards, until Chandni’s handsome cousin Jogi comes to live with her family. His presence brings to the surface many hidden truths that the girls must deal with.

The story spans a period of four months, in which Chandni and her family deal with many complex modern day relationship issues. A Bowlful of Butterflies deals with serious issues but is written in a light hearted vein. It is an engrossing tale dealing with the transition of Chandni and her friends from school girls to womanhood.

Nimue Says : Teenage.You remember the first crush ? The first time you wanted to know more about love and if its true ? the first kiss or when you imagined about it ? Being jealous with your best friend ? reading this book was a trip into those memory lanes. The way Ritu defines all characters  - the mother who left singing yet gave the knowledge to her kids , the content and experienced father and his brother , the ambitious and rebellious eldest son , the younger son bearing the effects of other's actions , Chandni the central character , Jogi - her cousin who silently bears allthat happens around him and at times being the reason behind it too ; her friends and other characters that connect all these people as family and friends. the story is predictable abit but that does not spoil the pleasure of reading this book. The family drama as you can term it, is both real and interesting to read.The emotions are spontaneous and well expressed. I literally smiled and felt sad at the events that were incorporated in the book.

A total heartfelt book !

Rating: 4/5

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Other Details :
Number of pages: 220
ISBN_PB: 9788129118455
Price :  156 @ flipkart

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  1. love the title, and i am totally in the mood for something like this. will be reading this next. :)

  2. nice read this is...I am gonna buy this for sure...I need a light break from fantasy

  3. you sure gonna like it Arpita!

    @FL : break from fantasy ? am i hearing right ?


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