Mortal Fear- Robin Cook

BEST SELLERS: Coma, Chromosome 6, Abduction, Sphinx, Brain



GENRE: Medical Thriller


Jason Howard used his career as a doctor to escape a private tragedy; until his own patients started dying from massive heart attacks. When his colleague becomes the next victim, Jason is finally forced to act. A decision that could cost him his life…

Before his death, Doctor Alvin Hayes had been on the verge of a secret medical breakthrough. What was one more murder to the conspirators who had inherited his crown?


A moan escaped from his lips; then both hands shot out and gripped the tablecloth, clawing it toward him. The wine glasses fell over. He started to get to his feet but he never made it. With a violent choking cough, he spewed a stream of blood across the table, drenching the cloth and spraying Jason, who jumped backward, knocking over his chair. The blood didn’t stop. It came in successive waves, splattering everything as nearby diners began to scream….There was nothing Jason could do but hold the man as his life flowed out of him.


When world class molecular biologist Doctor Alvin Hayes died in the arms of Jason Howard, declaring that someone wanted him killed, our protagonist thought that Hayes was perhaps suffering from stress and a nervous breakdown. But with his growing worry about patients dying merely weeks after their physicals and being declared reasonably healthy, as well as signs that seemed to corroborate Hayes’ belief that someone was misusing his discovery, Jason got wondering if Hayes really had been telling the truth about the medical breakthrough he was convinced he had been on the brink of.

The novel focuses on Jason’s attempt to unearth Hayes’ secret in order to bring to light a discovery that could possibly benefit mankind. It reveals how this profession can be a gift- and a burden. It makes one aware of the astounding power of science that can destroy as well as it can heal.

Jason is a protagonist that one cannot help but like from the word go. The touch of innocence in his nature only adds to his charm. The most impressive character is, believe it or not, a cabaret dancer by the name of Carol Donner. Jason’s interaction with her, in certain parts of the story, actually made me giggle! She is, perhaps, the one who makes the read all the more worthwhile.

Although the plot is a little predictable at times, at others it’s pleasantly surprising- or gruesomely horrifying. This might not be one of the best thrillers I have read so far, but it most definitely is enjoyable.


PRICE: Rs.225/-



  1. Robin Cook is one of my favorite authors for Biological Thrillers. My fav from him are Brain,Chromosome 6,Acceptable Risk and Shock...great review...will get this one soon :D

  2. I have this book :) i read it long long long ago....but I wasn't into medical thrillers then and never picked up another robin cook novel after that :P

  3. This was one of the three Cook's boks i read and yes, never read any more after that :D That was 4years back i remember.. medical thriller doesn't interest long if you read it continuous ! my mistake in that i agree .. but this book.. yes i liked it.. will recco this as d best of the 3 i read..

  4. believe it or not this was the first medical thriller i ever picked up. n though i liked this one very much, u can bet i am not gonna pick another up unless i really, really have to. biology was sooo not my thing. :P


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