Kalika the Calyx by B M C Nayar

Synopsis :
Defined as the first and the best fantasy novel in the highly competitive language of Kerala – Malayalam – Kalika makes her debut in English to enthral. Opening up a new world of intriguing human relationships and mysterious locales, The Calyx is personified by Kalika, her fragrance appealing, petals unfolding, and yet . . . .”

Nimue Says :
Bought on an impulse, this book caught my fancy for two things - fantasy by an Indian author , translated from Malyalam. And I was not disappointed at all.

The story, set in a scenic village in remote corner of Kerala, begins with outlining the present state of an old Kali temple and the area around it. Any one who ventures into the area after dark meets a certain death. Plagued by the mysterious death of the master and mistress of the old house in the area, the fear is heavy in the air around it. This is the story of that old house, its occupants - the old ones who died and the efforts of four friends trying to make it safe for the future generations. This is a story of friends who stood by each other even as they faced an unknown enemy whom they did not even assume to exist for long time. This is a book full of indian shalokas and sacrificial practices , the good and the evil forces that are at a constant play around us , a plot of  supressed desires and misplaced loyalties. This is the story of Goddess Kali and her opponents , her boons and limitations, and her devotees.

A slow one for about one third, this book really catches pace in the last 50+ pages. And the only trouble with the book would perhaps be the mistakes in printing at few places. The dialogues run into paragraphs that make the reading a little tough. But nothing will make you keep this book before you finish. The way the enemy's identity is not revealed till the middle, yet you know things are not normal , and how the story traces the growth and life of each character are some of the strong point in narration. Each character is so much real and beleivable. The writing is lyrical at places which makes you wonder how much good the original would have been. Totally wow book.

Ratings: 5/5

Other details :
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311754
Code: 9574H
Pages: 271
Price: Rs. 175.00


  1. nimue,this sounds awesome! i totally love stories about creepy houses and the death of the inhabitants! :D (oh,god..i sound so sadistic.) but really,i'm definitely reading this one! great review! :)

  2. It is totally my kind of book. Pick up more impulsive stuff, Nimue! :)

  3. damn looks good! anything fantasy and i'll gobble it up.

  4. you all are sure gonna like this one ..

  5. Its really an amazing read and I loved the way the story has developed the character .so real.


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