Tell Me Your Dreams - Sidney Sheldon

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TELL ME YOUR DREAMS: Psychological Thriller, Fiction Novel

AUTHOR: Sidney Sheldon

BEST SELLERS: The Other Side of Me, Stranger in the Mirror, Rage of the Angels, Are you Afraid of Dark and many others.

SYNOPSIS (From the Back Cover):
Ashley - elegant yet haunted...Toni, sultry as well as vivacious...Alette, lovely and totally without conceit...three beautiful young women suspected of committing a series of horrifying murders. One of the most bizarre murder trials of the century is about to begin - and reveal an astounding, startling piece of medical evidence almost impossible to believe. Sweeping from London to Rome, from Quebec to San Franciso, this latest tale from the world's reigning master storyteller is so much more than a mystery: It is a searching, riveting and finally triumphant foray into the dark, wild depths of human heart.

Ashley PattersonSomeone was following her. She had read about stalkers, but they belonged in a different, violent world ... as Ashley turned the car onto Silverado Street, she had the uneasy feeling that he was behind her, following her. But who? And why? She looked into her rearview mirror. Everything seemed normal. She turned on the windshield wipers. They began to sweep across the window, hissing, "He's gonna get you...gonna get you...gonna get you", Hastily, Ashley turned them off. Two minutes later, she was heading for her apartment. She reached the front door, put the key in the lock, opened the door and froze. Every light in the apartment had been turned on...

Toni Prescott:
"All around the mulberry bush,
The monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey thought 'twas all in fun,
Pop! goes the weasel."
Toni Prescott knew exactly why she liked to sing that silly song. Her mum had hated it. "Stop singing that stupid song. Do you hear me? You have no voice, anyway." "Yes, Mother." And Toni would sing it again and again...the memory of defying her mother still gave her a glow. She was twenty-two years old, impish, vivacious, and daring. Toni thought about how much her mother would have hated the Internet. But then her mother had hated everything. Toni could never please her. "Can't you ever do anything right, you stupid child?" Toni thought about the terrible accident in which her mother had died. Toni could still hear her screams for help. The memory of it made Toni smile...

Alette PetersAlette Peters could have been a successful artist. As far back as she could remember, her senses were tuned to the nuances of color. She could see colors, smell colors and hear colors... She was shy and soft-spoken. "Why are you interested in that stuff?" Toni Prescott would ask her. "Come on to P.J. Mulligans with me and have some fun." "Don't you care about art?" Toni laughed. "Sure. What's his last name?" There was only one cloud hanging over Alette Peters' life. She was manic-depressive. Her mood swings always caught her unaware, and in an instant, she could go from a blissful euphoria to a desperate misery. She had no control over her emotions. Toni was the only one with whom Alette would discuss her problems. Toni had a solution for everything, and it was usually: "Let's go and have some fun!"

MSM Speaks: This was my first Sidney Sheldon book, 6 years ago. I remember being curious, thrilled to the core with every turning page. That is how Sidney hooks his readers. Like his many works, women play a crucial role in this one too. Ashley Patterson is a computer genius but has off late, been feeling very anxious that someone is following her. She even has evidences...her undergarments drawer has been gone through, all the lights of her apartment are on, when she had double locked-everything. She was sure, someone was stalking her. May be it was Dennis Tibble, the guy who had been trying to hit on her...Ashley was confused and terrified. All men wanted only one thing. Toni Prescott hated Ashley. She thought Ashley was no fun. She was from London and loved parties, wearing short dresses and heavy makeup. She also loved the people...everything used to be fun...but then, they would ask the same question, "Where baby?" and she would sign out. All men wanted only one thing. Alette Peters was a shy, pretty girl of 20 years. She loved painting and colors and was from Rome. She always used to be coy and was involved in charity. An old woman once said to her, "Dear, if I had a daughter, I'd want her to be exactly like you. " And Alette's inner voice would say, "If you had a daughter, she'd look like a pig like you." Alette would be  horrified of her thoughts.

These three women work at Global Computers, with Toni and Alette together, who would make fun of Ashley as Miss Goody-Two-Shoes until a serial killer was let loose. 5 murders have taken place, all men, Stabbed to death and castrated. And all the places have evidences that lead to a bizarre connection these three women have. They realize a freak connection between themselves. Trial starts after the Suspects are arrested and the most weirdest medical theory crops up. Now it is on the Defense Lawyer David Singer, a Corporate lawyer who has no practice in Criminal Law but is under a serious obligation, to prove whether such medical situation could be a basis to let someone free.

Now this is what I call a Thriller. It drops subtle hints but you can never figure out the real thing (Unless of course you ain't reading for the first time). The moment I thought I am getting the story right, something unpredictable pops up. Loved it! I finished it in few hours. And then I felt like I wanted more. To know more. Sidney knows what he writes. Additional Note at the end of the book shows that. MSM Recommends this.

My rating: 5/5 (Because dreams can be dangerous...)

Tell Me Your Dreams (Paperback)@ Harpercollins Publishers (1998)
ISBN 978-8172234904
Pages: 352
flipkart Price: 175/- INR
e-book link ----->Here<------


  1. Superb review MSM.
    I remember reading this novel some 2 years back, but after reading your review, I am reading it again! yea ;)
    Sydney sheldon spins good mysteries.
    Thanks for the review :)

  2. and yes, the point for getting a book reviewed though I have already read it, I love the way books are reviewed here :)
    Great job!

  3. @Smita: Thank you, love! :D :D I knowww, Sidney had a way with words. This is his one of the best works...I have read it the third time now... :D :D And... yes, the reviews here are very good. (And no, don't include me in it... I am just learning :D :D) Mwaah!

  4. We love your blog is wonderful and will always be here reading all the news.
    We wish you a great weekend.
    Super Glorinha kisses.

  5. the only Sheldon book i read twice !!
    good review MSM ! :)

  6. @Rogerio Rinaldi e Glorinha Rinali: Thank you! :D

    @Nimue: I too... :D Thrice now. :D Thank you, love! :D

  7. One of my favourite books of all times - esp then.. when the concept of it was so new!!! :) Nice review!

  8. One of the best Sidney books ever...after
    1. If Tomorrow Comes
    2. Rage of Angels
    3. Bloodline
    4. Master of the Game
    5. Tell me your dreams

    My favorite character after Tracy from If tomorrow comes

  9. This is one book I have read of Sidney Sheldon and liked it too. Being a Psychology student I'm glad I read this one. For those of you who have read this book and liked reading about Dissociative Idenity Disorder ( earlier known as Multiple Personality Disorder) do watch the movie Sybil or u can read the book as well...It's freaking awesome:)

  10. This is one of my favs from Sheldon...others being Memories of Midnight,Rage of the Angels,Master of the game and Windmills of the Gods.

    @Akriti_the movie Sybil was amazing...the last part when the truth is revealed is horrifying...I could have never imagined things like that in my wildest dreams, the book is even more horrifying,and of course better. You can also watch one of the very first movies based on DID i.e. The Three Faces of Eve. Aparichit is one Indian movie which deals with the same topic..hope you have seen them :)


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