AUTHOR-Rhonda Byrne


SYNOPSIS- There's a SECRET which says "like attracts like." This world is a big magnet. It attracts all the like's towards you. Provided you think "like." The leaders, great people and pioneers in their field have used it to the utmost. Say it knowingly or unknowingly. Plato, edison, einstien, name a few...

EXCERPT- The pictures you recieve from the transmission of your thoughts are not on the television screen in your living room, they are the pictures of your life! Your thoughts create the frequency, they attract like things and broadcast back to your life as pictures! If you want to change anything in your life..change the frequency, by changing your thoughts.

RIYA'S SPEAK- The secret- When i 1st read the name, it tempeted me..atleast to open it. Well, as i was almost exhausted, had questions in my mind.."what a name! and what's the secret all about?." Being a book-lover, i had heard a lot about the book which topped the non-fiction category and is a bestseller!
There's was a little history about the book, as the genre specialises in inspiration section.
I guess, everybody has used this so-called "secret". The greatest of people of all shakespeare, eistien and edison...Wow! This egged me to it!
But what's the secret all about? Well, it has a lot to do with thinking Right! As the law says "like attracts like."
Well, the book is full of "secret-thinking-success" formulas . And i guess they are connected to mind and spirit. The chapthrs like- The Secret to Money, Relationships, Health, World and You.... inspire and motivate the reader to not only read but i'd say- "apply the secret" in their personal lives!
Rhonda Byrne has come up with a breakthrouth is this category. And no doubt- why its the bestseller!!!


  1. Heard a lot of about this book but yet to read.. will try to give this a read this month :)

  2. i think its overhyped....well thats my personal opinion...i tend to look for more content than "the content".

    Might give it a read if i get my hands on it.

    P.S| Welcome to the gang

  3. good or not , i just do not have the patience for such books .. bring me a thriller any time ! :D

  4. Nice work! I have watched the Secret video and it was far more easier to follow. However, the Law of Attraction is a tough nut to crack, cause we are humans and can't monitor our thoughts all the time. Nonetheless, Rhonda does a brilliant work of documentation. :D :D

    Good Review! :D

  5. I saw the video of The Secret. It is pretty commonly used during training sessions in IT industries... But it failed to make an impression on me. I don't like books that preach ;)
    People who enjoy self-help kind of books will enjoy this!

  6. welcome to the blog riya!
    have read this one, and mostly agrees with ur feedback on everything :)
    keep writing!

  7. Its a very good makes all the sense but yes i agree the main task is to read it n absorb it as it becomes very boring. Very difficult to practice though "the law of attraction."


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