Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver

Synopsis : A highway patrol trooper notices something strange on the side of the road: a homemade cross, fashioned as a memorial. Except the date being 'remembered' is the following day - the day the police find a kidnapped teenage girl in the trunk of a car, left for dead.

Special Agent Kathryn Dance, the kinesics expert with the California Bureau of Investigation, is on the case. The teenage victim points her to an online community where accusations fly and the criticism turns from impartial to personal - and vicious. It looks as though the bullying went too far, and one teen has finally snapped.

Then further crosses appear. Now Dance must race against the clock to find the attacker before he can carry out his deadly plans for revenge . . . in the cyber world and the real.

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Nimue Says : Kathryn Dance is an expert in kinesics, which is the study and analysis of body language. In addition to the contribution kinesics makes to the mystery in the novel at hand, it's interesting to learn about body language techniques since we can apply them to real life situations we face daily.

While I love the author , am a fan of his Rhyme series books , and even liked this character of Kathryn Dance , this book though does not reach that high.  It does not disappoint , but some where you know that the plot is throwing obvious twists. All through the book,I felt it strongly that the person chased is not the real culprit , but yes, who is the real killer was a mystery till the end (Thank Deaver for that ) ! One good thing about Deaver's book is that they are informative too. He likes to give details of the technology or scenario he uses as setting of the book. This one deals with blogs , games , online profiles and general security related to these. Trust me, that the facts and explanation are quite good. I atleast enjoyed those.

Also, most of the characters in the book apart from Kathryn need to be sketched a bit more in detail. Its not enough to imagine their ways and psyche accurately from the descriptions.

In all, a page turner indeed. You will get a good idea of Deaver if you haven't read him before. He still stays my fav thriller author .

Rating : 3/5

Other details :
ISBN: 0340937270
ISBN-13: 9780340937273,978-0340937273
Binding:     Paperback
Number of Pages: 464
Price : 150 @ flipkart

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  1. Seems like an interesting read. I will see if it's available as e-book! :D :D

    Nice Review. :D :D

  2. Another character that Deaver has created. I hope with time she becomes as famous as Rhyme. I need to start this soon. from the first book. And this looks interesting enough.

  3. This is the second book for Kathryn character. And the first book is better infact :)


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