Of Course I Love you...! Till I Find Someone Better - Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja


AUTHOR(S): Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja

BEST SELLERS: Now That You Are Rich! Let's fall in love, She Broke Up! I didn't...I Just Kissed Someone Else!, Ohh Yes, I am Single...! And So Is My Girlfriend! and You Were My Crush!...till you said you Love me!

SYNOPSIS (From Book Cover):
What do you think when a guy asks a  girl out?
He wants to take her out on a romantic dinner by the pool side?
Maybe a movie on comfortable lush lounge chairs?
Nah! Let ask Debashish Roy instead.
'If she doesn't kiss me within the first half an hour,
I am done. I go home,'he says.

OF COURSE I LOVE YOU...! is the story of Debashish Roy as his love life reveals the dirty secrets behind most relationships. What do men think? What do they really want when they say they love you? What are they looking at - your face or your cleavage? Debashish Roy is any girl's worst nightmare. But what happens when Deb, the terrible boyfriend, meets the perfect woman? Or does he lose himself while he falls helplessly in love?  Read this story as Debashish Roy, the guy who thought he knew everything about relationships, struggles his way into love. Will he come of out?* Will it destroy him? Will he ever be himself again?

Before Breakup with Smriti: 'Aren't you feeling cold?' I asked, as I rubbed my hands. Obviously, she wasn't. All girls have an internal heating system that is activated once they put on their halter-necks and short dresses! 'No, are you?', she asked. 'No, I thought we will sit in the car; there is too much noise out here,' I said. 'Are you sure?' she said and smirked at me.Now, what was that supposed to mean? Was that a yes? If it is, why doesn't she bloody say so? Can we please cut the crap and make out? At least kiss, damn it!

After Breakup with Avantika: 'Yes, I would have kissed you and then had it felt good...that would mean you love me. That's easy, no?' she asked. She was a lunatic, after all. 'It doesn't happen that way. You need to be in love to kiss. I am not in love right now.' I didn't believe what I just said. May be I had gone insane too. You have to be in love to kiss?

MSM Speaks: Ah! Another Chetan Bhagat wanna be, another tale set in Delhi, another love-lust and everything in between saga - I would have said. Yes, I had full plans to hate Durjoy Datta and his crappy novel, but as they say, half done is undone. I hated, absolutely hated the dirty perverted mind of this guy! I thought I will drop it, duck out! I couldn't handle another Saga of how-my-life-sucks-without-sex. Deb hits on everyone every chick! And no, that is not the surprising part! The surprising part is how through entire three-fourth of the book, till page 154, he manages to get girls-their cherries or attention, both! With the looks he describes himself to carry, I couldn't figure out, whether the girls were blind or whether he had some secret love potion! Apparently a nerd, but Deb still fails to get through any of the academic endeavors? Apparently ugly, but still manages to get hot girls? Yes, I WAS annoyed and hated it, absolutely hated it! I didn't want to read what your organs do or what you think of girls' humongous assets! I don't!  Give me a story!

And suddenly out of the blue, a Massive Breakup Blow is thrown on him (and on us, the readers).... My heart went out to him, yes. I am surprising myself by saying this - but this idiot of a guy, turned smart, sensible and a good-mature writer after the breakup. See, the excerpt? He ain't ready to kiss! :P And yes, he learnt to value friendship. I liked the description - Deb used the guy, but yes, learnt that sometimes, true friends are those who care about you, no matter how, who or what you are. This friend shows Deb what love is and it's not the number of women you lay, but ultimately, about the one you love. Things were looking upbeat towards the end of the book, when I had begun to think that maybe it's the lack of women and the melodrama which can save this book. may be this guy can really write well....when my hopes were crashed. 

Enter Girlfriend. The entry is so snap, the writing so shoddy, that I couldn't slip through the transition. I could just understand that they just had s-e-x. Whoa! Wait, how? What happened to the sensible Deb I just saw from page 154 to page 212? Sigh. I was just glad, it was over. No, I am NOT picking up other books from the series of Yes! I am Cool 'Cause I am a Writer...though I am trying not to sound like Five Point Someone! (I thrashed you Durjoy Sir, after all, sorry, couldn't help it mate, you had me there.)

The Brownie point was on the cover page overleaf - Durjoy's and Maanvi's photo. I think Durjoy is really cute. That's it. No More Brownies for you.

*Grammatical Error - this book has many. But it's not Durjoy's fault, we know that.

My rating: 2.75/5 (I am generous yes, because of the cuteness of the Writer and Some Sensible Portion)
Of course I love you...!@Grapevine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd. 2011

ISBN 978-81-922226-0-8
flipkart price: 95/- INR (including delivery charges: 65+30)
Pages: 224


  1. awww I wanted to read this, but not anymore.. It seems like a bad read, a really bad one.. heheh :)

  2. lol, I am about to finish it!
    Though it's not as good as the other similar books I have read, but still, I will read :)
    Thanks for the review and those extra brownie points to durujoy ;) lol

  3. so this is what FL dumped on you to review !! god ! not better than mine :P

  4. This book was the most insensitive crap! Specially the way he treats Smriti!!

    Just in case if anyone asks for - now that you're rich, let's fall in love!! (by the same author) then feel free to pass on :P

    OMG it looks like I have read all the trash!!

  5. hahahaha *points and laughs*

    i read the first 20 pages and left it somewhere where i would never find it again. lol, in the city bus :P

  6. @Confused Soul: Don't even try. Only a fool like me can not judge a book by its cover :P

    @Smita: Why oh Why oh Why?? It's bad! :( And yes! Durjoy! :D :D lol

    @Nimue: Absolutely now! :P Yeah, I finished it, God knows how.

    @Maithili: I knowwww, he doesn't give a shit about Smriti, Vernita and whatever! Seriously! :P :D Heheh!

    @FL: Now, you shouldn't laugh like that! :P It's not good to laugh at mistakes like these. :P :P

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