Kind Attention Please!

Dear Members/Readers and Signed up Reviewers of A Lot of Pages,

It has been really disappointing and frustrating to notice that the so-called-Book-Lovers have NOT been reviewing even the least expected number of TWO books a month. The Admins alone cannot hold the ground, for, the reason of your joining this place is our mutual admiration for books and the need to share it with everyone else. However, the dwindling number of reviews and the same names doing the work, sort of, shows that may be passion to read has been diminishing in the people who have joined us in this quest to read on A Lot of Pages.

It is understanble that some of you have examinations at the moment (We do too!) and other important works and would rather not savor the pages of a book. However, if your reasons are genuine enough and you are unable to post for any given month, just send an email to the A Lot of Pages Id ( stating why you would not be able to do soWe are not monsters. We understand. This would keep us informed so that we can look for alternatives. Non-information and No Posts reflect badly on the Blog that may be we are not convincing enough for the Book Lovers to do a review for us.

Following are the Additional Set of Instructions for smooth functioning, which are in effect immediately from December 1st 2011
  • The Admins can give a maximum lax for TWO months without completing the Quota of 2 reviews per month;
  •  By the succeeding 3rd month, the Pending Reviews  including the monthly quota have to be up i.e. to say if you are unable to do a review for a month, in the succeeding month, you will have to do a total review of 4 books.
(!) Non-adherence with this condition empowers the Admins to BAR you from doing any further reviews on A Lot Of Pages.
  • Also, it would be great if we could find the readers/reviewers, who visit here regularly, to contribute actively instead of gracing us only for the GIVEAWAYS.
Disclaimer: This notice is not intended to pressurize anyone, for we cannot force anyone to read. Reading is a passion and it comes naturally, irrespective of anything. Reading should be like hunger, which you need to satiate. Therefore, this notice shall be taken as a slight reprimand to remind you of the passion you might just have forgotten and neglected. The Admins do not hold any personal grudge against anyone. Thank you!

Much Regards,
The Admins

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