The dangerous Man by Ibn-e-safi

This is book#2 in the Urdu to English translation of Imran series written by Ibn-e-safi and transalted by Taimoor Shahid.

Synopsis :

Mysterious Screams:
Ten years ago, Nawwab Hashim was found dead in his bedroom. Now a man claiming to be him appears out of the blue and moved back to the old house. Sajid, his nephew and heir, doesn’t know what to believe, nor can he fathom the terrible screams that have started emerging from the house each night. Moody a romantic young American comes across the girl of his dreams. She gives him an antique casket and disappears. Soon thereafter, strange people start following the American. The answer to both these mysteries is one. The only man who could find it genius snoop Imran.
The Dangerous Man:
Roshi, is a beautiful Anglo-Burmese call girl. The hotel she works from is seedy, the neighborhood full of unsolved killings, but Roshi can look herself--until the day she meets a handsome young man called ‘Parrot’. Soon Roshi is caught in a spiral of intrigue and she doesn’t know who to trust. Who is this ‘Parrot’? Will he prove to be her saviour? Or is he the archnemesis?

Review : The stories seem simple but are really not that simple.The settings are quite modern irrespective of being written decades ago. The characters are realistic and the narration is fluid. Best (and maybe a little bad) thing about the stories is that until the main character Imran reveals , you will have no idea what the plot is and how is the mystery ever going to be solved. Some of you who like to be involved in the investigative process, the stories offer you no help. Also you at times wish to be able to read and understand urdu to read the original story.

Rating : 3.5/5 (I would have given more for the Urdu book i think)

Other details :
ISBN        :     9788184001181
Pub Date   :    11 Jul 2011
Binding      :    Paperback   
Price         :    199
Pages        :    214


  1. Is there an e-book link? I would like to pick this up. :D :)

    PS: Review was very clear and to the point. I like! :D

  2. "She gives him an antique casket and disappears."

    oh my

  3. @MSM .. will try to search dearie .. but this is a very recent publication..

  4. 214 pages,...hmm looks like a quick read :) wil read when i do meet u

  5. @FL : search the e book when u free .. my net connection gone for some days ..

    And ya, u can take the book wen we meet :)


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