Anything for you Ma'am by Tushar Raheja

Can Life be all devastatingly grave twists one time and all unexpected funny surprises the other month ? Tejas, the IIT guy , the central character in this book seems to have such life. Considering the fact that he is shown to be a prankster and a charmer, his interactions with his lady love are somewhat boringly sketched in most parts . Few incidents  look so over rated and over done that you want to quit reading. The book has a simple tale , which the readers ( if you are not dim wit , as per the author) might easily predict once all coincidences start piling up one over another. the narration does interest you in few pages but it is not enough to hold your attention for long. I personally found many of the description of feelings and the girl cliched ! I have certainly read better stuff on blogs if not as a whole book. This book could have easily be written better as a novella with lot of editing done. no offense meant but I really wonder if anyone reads these books well before they are published !

Synopsis :
Tejas is a fun loving “guy next door” type bloke.He is a voracious reader,writes poetry,plays the guitar and flirts with his sister’s friends.And yes he is studying at IIT Delhi.Tejas is also truly romantic and has fallen in love with his sister’s friend ,Shreya.After much wooing the one sided affair turns into a two sided one.But there is one problem though ,Shreya stays in Madras while Tejas is at Delhi.Also Shreya’s father has got to know of his daughter’s affair and will not allow her to go to Delhi.After all like all over- protective father’s he must save his daughter from the love bug.

Ratings: 2/5

More details:
ISBN:     8188575860
ISBN-13: 9788188575862,978-8188575862
Number of Pages:     230
Price : 65 @ flipkart

This review is done upon a request for the same.


  1. Yes, it seems predictable. And IIT Delhi, will people think of other institutes ever!

    I am surely skipping it, though I ah no clue this book even existed before I read the review ;P

  2. After Chetan Bhagat, everyone now thinks that people who actually read books will really be interested in what shit happens in your life.

    Good review though! :D

  3. @Siddhartha : well it was a request, and that too by FL !! had to read :P but yes, i enjoyed writing the review a lot more than reading the book..

    @kalpak : well said :)

    @MSM : i dnt mind reading anything till its written well.. thx fr d review of this review :P

  4. dont knw about book but enjoyed review :)

  5. Oh yes I remember reading this book. I'd kinda liked it but I think it was a little dragged.. :)

  6. hahaha.....
    i hope you enjoyed the book. And i can bet Smita won't read it now!

  7. thank you so much for the review but :(:( :( :(
    I gave it someone special :( he's gonna kill me! 2/5, arghhh, lemme kill myself for gifting something before reading :( :( :(
    I liked it's title :( :(
    FL : I will still read it :P

  8. @Nimue: :P Sigh. What can I say? ;) :D

  9. *Facepalm*
    A little note for all review on request: IF anyone needs review for
    Keep off the grass, Oh shit not again, that thing called love, it happened that night, Kill me or kiss me-- kindly send that request to me because I have read it all and I m very kind to save the disgrace of reading it from my dear fellow authors here :P :P

    One word : chuck it its all the same :( :(

  10. haha...
    okay now we have a bakra here...
    next time requests go to maithili

  11. hey maithili.. i dint read keep off the grass , but jhonny gone down by the same author is good .. u cn very well read that :)

  12. I had this book and remember starting this but not sure what happened next. Should pick this up soon..

  13. @Pria you still want to read this !! much patient you must be :)

    @Smita : hope you and the special one can have a good laugh about the book :D

  14. @Nimue, Heh.. Books are never bad for passing time. I like the cover page :)

  15. Great! thanks for the share!


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