An Added Bonus to Contributors

Now that we have 15 members contributing to this blog [both active and hibernating], I would like to thank you all from my whole big, big thumping heart. It  gives me great pleasure knowing that there are fellow book lovers like me. Oh, I have great designs for this blog. Ask Nimue or Pulkit, we talk about everything we can do to make it huge, active and popular. [Damn! am turning into a bookslut]

Anyway, enough DRAMA. What I wanted to say is that, the awesome person who posts the most reviews every month will get a free gift. And yeah, sadly its gonna be a book and not movie tickets or Pizza Hut coupons. And yes, Freelancer's reviews will not be included. So you can breathe a little easy.

Also, the book will be decided by the admins or me [if an admin wins]. Don't worry I won't send you a fantasy book [even though i would very much want to turn you into a fantasy fanatic]. Hehe. Anyway, this is just my stupid way of saying thanks. And yeah, this month is included too. Nimue leads with Maithili and MSM closely behind.

Okay am going now. Am bad at goodbyes. *wipes fake tears*


  1. that's another great initiative FL. will talk to u soon telephonically to discuss what challenges lies ahead of us as a team in the next 2 month to discuss strategy for the same and also share what shit is going on at my end of life in this new city n job stuff. God bless ALOP. regular or not, this blog I consider as I always mention, a very exciting venture :) which has a lot of feelings and dreams attached to it. I wish some day, all our fellow writers share the energy in the same way!

  2. Awwwwwww FL, such a Cute dramatic/emotional and ahan! Gift? Tempting Thank you that is! :D :D :D Good one... I love this initiative :D

  3. hahah .. you know i love you FL .. i just do :P and i do not need the book even if its most welcome .. :)
    i love ALOP a bit more than you actually :P


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