Elantris - Brandon Sanderson


ISBN - 978-0-7653-5037-4
PAGES - 622
BINDING - Paperback
GENRE - Fantasy

Brandon Sanderson

the Mistborn Trilogy, The Way of Kings

SYNOPSIS - Elantris was the city of the gods. What power could have cursed it?

Raoden, prince of Arelon, was loved by all, including the princess he'd never met.
Where has he gone?

Hrathen, high priest of Fjordell, will convert the people of Arelon or kill them.
How will he decide?

Sarene, princess of Teod, was a widow before she was ever married.
Who can stand against her?

EXCERPT - Elantris was beautiful once. It was called the city of the gods: a place of power, radiance and magic. Visitors say that the very stones glowed with an inner light, and that the city contained wondrous arcane marvels. At night, Elantris shone like a great silvery fire, visible even from a great distance.

Yet, as magnicifient as Elantris was, its inhabitants were more so. Their hair a brilliant white, their skin an almost metallic silver, the Elantrians seemed to shine like the city itself.

And anyone could become one.

The Shaod, it was called. The Transformation. It struck randomly - usually at night, during the mysterious hours when life slowed to rest. The Shaod could take beggar, craftsmen, nobleman, or warrior. When it came, the fortunate person's life ended and began anew; he would discard his old, mundane existence, and move to Elantris. Elantris, where he could live in bliss, rule in wisdom, and worshiped for eternity.

Eternity ended ten years ago.

FL Speak -
THIS!! This is what real fantasy is all about! Brandon Sanderson's debut novel. One of the finest novel of fantasy written in many, many years! And this is even before he wrote the Mistborn trilogy.

The above excerpt is one of the most powerful lines in the book and its in the very first page. Elantris starts with one helluva beginning.

Elantris is (or rather) was a city. The people who lived there were more or less like Gods. They had huge power, they were never cruel, they could heal themselves and they helped the people who seeked their guidance and help (most of the times, for free). And then, Elantris fell. More like it decayed. The chosen ones started growing splotches and dark patches on their skin, their hair fell off, it looked like they were all cursed. The transformation happened sudden in all the cases.

Ten years after the fall of Elantris, Prince Raoden woke up from his usual sleep and noticed that he had been chosen. His father, the King of Arelon, exiles him to the walled city of Elantris where all the cursed are put whenever one is chosen and informed his court and subjects that the prince died of an illness. Enter Princess Sarene of Teod, betrothed to the prince and even before ever meeting him, she has been told that she is now a widow.

At the same time, a high priest of Fjordell, sent to convert the people of Arelon into his religion before his ruler conquers the city. I have a kind of love-hate relationship with this guy because at times he is brilliant in his execution of plans and at times he is plain stupid to see the truth and makes me exasperated! Very soon, Sarene realizes that the rule of the king is waning and she decides to save the city before it falls on itself and be easy prey for the coming war. Back at Elantris, Raoden befriends a stranger and together they manage to save people from the ruling gangs and start a peaceful life before they are hit by the game of shift in ruling powers played by Sarene and the high priest, Hrathen.

I so, so, so badly want to reveal more about the plot but it would be an absolute disaster if i let everything out. This book is meant to be read. Who said fantasy needs to be in series or trilogies? Sanderson does a stellar job of packing an explosive plot in one single volume. I simply loved the way Sanderson created the character of Hrathen. A villain with a conscience is something of a rarity. The only mini drawback that i could find was the Prince Raoden's character reminded me a lot of Elend Venture from the 'Mistborn' trilogy. Same character setting, both being a do-gooder who relies on faith and a pure heart in others. That's a good thing about Sanderson's heroes. They are instantly loveable. But they are also a bit repetitive. Like Vin (mistborn), the character of Princess Sarene is also somewhat same. Sanderson like his female characters to be strong. Hell, even we like reading about them.

Move over George R.R Martin or Terry Brooks, Brandon Sanderson is fast becoming one of my favorite fantasy authors along with Robert Jordan and Tad Williams. Every book of his is a must read. I already reviewed his epic Mistborn trilogy. Read it HERE.

My Rating - 4.5 stars

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  1. Sounds fascinating. Especially, the curse on Elantris and fate of the prince. :) Nice one.

  2. This guy is good... if you ever foray into fantasy, start with him

  3. ok I like this .. superb beginning for sure .. some times i think we shud share the beginning pages fr sure.. they set the mood fr the book ;)

    Can u ever courier me some books ?? *please*

  4. Im new to alotofpages n this was the first book review i read here..n im hooked! Not only to Elantris but also to this blog. So Il now try n follow the blog on a regular basis...n bfr i fget, Ive alrdy strtd saving money to get a copy:)


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