Bones To Ashes - Kathy Reichs


a Temperance Brennan novel

ISBN - 978-1-4165-2565-3
PAGES - 388
BINDING - Paperback
GENRE - Medical Thriller

AUTHOR - Kathy Reichs

BEST-SELLERS - Deja Dead, Bare Bones, Fatal Voyage

SYNOPSIS - The discovery of a skeleton in Acadia, Canada, reawakens a traumatic episode for forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan: Could the young girl's remains be those of Evangeline Landry, Tempe's friend who disappeared when Tempe was twelve? Exotic, free-spirited, and slightly older, Evangeline enlivened Tempe's summer beach visits...then vanished amid whispers that she was 'dangerous'. Now, faced with bones scarred with inexplicable lesions, Tempe is consumed with solving a decades-old mystery - while her lover, detective Andrew Ryan, urgently needs her attention on a wave of teenage abductions and murders. With both Ryan and her ex-husband making suprising future plans, Tempe may find soon that her lover has painfully and irrevocably changed once again.

EXCERPT - Disconnecting, I felt a vague sense of trepidation. LaManche rarely phoned me. When he did, it was never good news. Five bikers torched in a Blazer. A woman facedown in a senator's pool. Four bodies in a crawl space.

LaManche had been a forensic pathologist for more than thirty years, directed our medico-legal division for twenty of that. He knew i was scheduled back today, and that I'd report to the lab first thing in the morning. What could be so complicated that he felt the need to double check my availability?

Or so gruesome.

FL Speak - Yes!! A Temperance Brennan novel. Though i read one of her novels before i started watching Bones, i didn't realize that time it was the same Brennan. Now, however i started reading this novel thinking of Emily Deschanel's character in Bones. It becomes quite clear that those two are extremely different characters. Temperance Brennan of the novels are Kathy Reichs' creation whereas Tempe in 'Bones' are based on Kathy Reichs herself. Glad that i cleared that up.

Coming back to the novel, this book takes us to Brennan's past. Evangeline, Tempe's friend when she was still a kid, disappeared without a reason and nobody was willing to tell why and how. A skull found in Acadia, Evangeline's hometown, brought her back to the Tempe's memories and she frantically prays its not Evangeline. Detective Ryan on the other hand, is swamped physically and emotionally with the case he's handling. A serial killer is out there that targets young girls still in their teens. As Brennan digs into the past and also finds the time to help Ryan, they stumble upon a man who they discover is married to Obeline, Evangeline's sister. Sure that their two cases are intertwined, Tempe and her sister, Harry decide to crack the mystery of Evangeline's disappearance by visiting Obeline. Little did they know that it would raise a few red flags. Soon, Tempe gets threatening calls and emails. Ryan, looking into the missing girls' case discovers a guy who lured the girls promising a star career and instead sold them in the child porn business.

It all comes down to the final 50 pages where revelations and heartbreak mingle with joy and sorrow as they cases race to an explosive end. And in the crossfire is Tempe and Harry. Do they find the missing girls? Will Detective Ryan be able to deliver justice to the parents of the murdered girls? What happened to Evangeline 20 years ago? The answers are revealed in a shocking disclosure as they race against time to solve the case and keep themselves alive.

My Rating - 3 star

E-Book - click HERE

PRICE - INR 275/-


  1. This sounds really interesting. I knew Kathy Reichs was an author as well, but never checked up on her works. What's the first Bones novel? I mean there should be a starting point right? or are all the novels disconnected?

  2. Deja Dead is her first novel. Its like every episode of Bones mostly...different cases in every novel, but the characters and the underlying story connecting them is the same. You can start from the first one or from any other.

  3. Temperance Brennan!!! Wow! I am going to pick this up, or wait, do you have an e-book link for this one???? I am surely going to read this one!!!

    Good Review!

  4. OMG there is actually novel based on bones....tell me all the novels based on it....I am sooooo reading all of them...I super love Bones <3

  5. @SG
    #facepalm hon... Btw there is a temperance brennan book in the givaway too... and for the record, there are 13 novels till now

  6. Heyy, that link doesn't work. Um, here's a torrent link.

  7. I picked this book long before i came across the series,, but i lost the book before i could read it :( will try to read soon !


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