Witness the night by Kishwar Desai

[ first book by the author and winner of UK's Costa first novel award]

Durga. A fourteen-year-old girl, found all alone in a sprawling farm house tucked away in a corner of Punjab. Silent, terrified, and the sole suspect in the mass murder of thirteen members of her family.
Simran. Whisky-swigging, chain-smoking unmarried social worker from Delhi. She is Durga's only hope, for Simran is the only one who believes that Durga may be more a victim than a suspect.

As Simran tries to explore every corner of Jullundar and its people, from the enigmatic tutor Harpreet and his disfigured wife to the pictureperfect high-society Arminder and her superintendent husband Ramnath, she delves deeper and deeper into a cruel world where even the ties of family are meaningless. It isn't long before she realizes that nothing is quite as it seems.

My Views : Ok, You must have already got an idea, the kind of book this gonna be. What I can tell you is, there is definitely a lot more you be made aware of when you read it. All the issues this book traces / outlines atleast are known as news but here, reading them as part of everyone's daily life .. that was shocking ! I felt so disgusted , so helpless and so much angry at lot of the places. Even if you get an idea of the real series of events, the book doesn't let you leave it in middle. you will want to know the truth from the horses's mouth  and not leave your imagination do the job.
Interesting writing style , crisp writing , well embedded crime facts and impacts , this sure makes one good read !
I only had a little disappointment in the end. Maybe I was expecting miracles :)

Rating: 4.5/5

Other details:
ISBN:     817223922X
ISBN-13: 9788172239220,978-8172239220
Pages : 256
Price : 169


  1. 4.5 stars! phew! i didn't think Indian Authors are capable of that!

    Looks like an interesting light read. Wil have to make a #notetome post and tag it as a airport read sometime

  2. not at all light .. trust me on that .. read and you will know ..

  3. and if you want to read a 5er by Indian author .. try "Deaf heaven" .. another hard hitting one ...

  4. I have had major disappointments from Indian writers but of late even I m reading some good books from Indian writers :)
    This one looks grim and hard hitting.. I will give it a read though :)

    Would have loved an excerpt here although your views give a clear idea of what to expect

  5. I will try to type an excerpt for you Maithili :)


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