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*draft review*

AUTHOR - Arvind Chandrasekhar. also calls himself @zennmaster (twitter)

SYNOPSIS and FL Speak - First of all, after reading the first 68 pages in MS-Doc, i was like SAY WHAAAT?? First impression tends to stick to you, and this draft does exactly that. The first thing you notice is that this is one dark, scary ass story. No, it doesn't border on the gray, it goes to the extremes. You have a psychotic killer as well as a troubled, abused person and its upto the reader to determine how you feel for the characters. 

The main hero/heroes are the ones who brings the laughter. I promised no spoilers, but every review or plot needs something to keep going. In this case, its the twins. Hilarious when they converse with each other. And Andy's dreams are the stuff of oh-my-god moments. Different. That's what sets it completely apart and that's what is its main strength. Characterization is good, but the lack of depth is definite moodkiller. You are on your way to know the characters and wham! its a chapter jump. Knowing its just a draft, its a non-issue at the moment. 

In some alternate dimension, i would say this was a Bones and Dexter fanboy's vivid imagination materializing. But then again, its NOT. Anita gives me the chills. Yes, she does. After reading the script, i want more. More. As far as i can see, its going to be a chase. I want to see the strength of writing in that chase. Apart from a few glaring flaws in the draft (i noticed just one btw) and the haphazard chapter jumps (i admit it left me confused. Readers don't exactly give proper attention to the chapter names. Specially when titles are continued with the years written in numericals), this is a refreshing and exciting tale that threatens to break off with ingenuity in the art of creativity and be able to hold you to ground and keep you turning pages. 

Anita is someone you would love to hate and hate to sympathize with. Her characterization is one of a loner who is capable of obliterating all the lesser mortals around her. Zennmaster doesn't hold back from using expletives to the maximum (i should have guessed as much). The 68 pages incomplete draft flew in a blur and i hope he finishes the draft soon. Its the narration that would be a real test. You can have only as many characters and conversations in a plot to keep the readers interested. More than that, you need to rely on the narration to make the readers leave their world behind Narnia style and jump to the story and watch it unfold in front of their eyes.

Anyway, great beginning. Loved the concept. Waiting for more.

My Rating - based on 68 pages, 3 stars outta 5.

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