Crowded rooms

- By Prem Nath

If the cover does not excite you to pick this book, wait till you turn it over and read about the stories ! What really captured my attention was the set up of each story -  the space , the characters and the well defined norms for the characters, totally unconventional most of them yet so relate-able. you will find yourself among these pages - some one out of the characters of 9 stories will remind you who you are and soon you would be left wondering if you would act the same as described. Be it the lady who named and loved her lamps and her strength ; or the writer who has to decide the line between his muse and the real person ; or the girl who let her space define her thoughts ; or the Tv watching guy who had nothing else to do - all urban scenarios , locations that appear so similar yet unique , thoughts that you do not bother to think again but forget it neither .. Its all there in this book ! One of the best compiled collection I read in recent times - totally fresh , totally wow , totally haunting read. This one is difficult to shake off your head for some days !

Price : 199/-
My rating : 5/5 ! none of the stories disappointed me.  I see no reason not to like it !

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